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Fun career development workshops, personal skills seminars, international business networking,  or formal members-only meetings, BPWUK holds a number of events up and down the UK . Many are free for Members, and others open (sometimes for a small fee) to non-Members. All are great fun and get excellent feedback.

There are also many BPW events outside the UK, such as the European and International Conferences where you can meet professional women from every career and industry, from 95 countries. Now that's networking.

You'll find upcoming events and activities, locally and further afield, below.

  Royal Society of      Public Health               (RSPH)    ongoingYour local
   health         centre
members & those around them    The Flu Vaccination Programme  - BPWUK are supporting the government guidelines to ensure everyone  gets immunised. Follow the link    RSPH
 British Library    ongoing    website    Business and IP CentreThe Business and Intellectual Property (IP) Centre has an ongoing programme of informational materials for those starting their own business. follow the link to find out more.    BL