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BPW UK Membership automatically also gives you Membership of BPW International - that's a global network of 28,000 professional and business women like you, across 90 countries.

And THAT is a LOT of connections...

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Extending from Iceland in the far North, down to Chile and New Zealand in the South, BPW truly is a global organisation.
Comprising 5 areas - Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, and Latin America - Members (and clubs) are to be found (almost) everywhere - even the Cook Islands and Mongolia!
This fantastic network means that wherever your travels take you, there will often be a Member there to hook-up with able to advise you on travel, the area, and perhaps even make introductions for business, or just to new friends to share a drink or a meal.
Let's face it - business travel can be a very lonely existence. Why not use BPW as a way to turn that loneliness into opportunities?
For a fuller picture of all the good things they do, why not take a few minutes to check out the BPW International website?  We think you'll be inspired...