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BPW UK Membership automatically also gives you Membership of BPW International - that's a global network of 28,000 professional and business women like you, across 90 countries. Within that is BPW Europe, comprising 20,000 of those Members across 30 European nations. Let's be honest - if you're looking for a professional network, WHAT a great place to start!

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So if you're looking for new business contacts and potential ways in to new countries, then BPW Europe is definitely for you.

But there's much more too. BPW Europe interacts at all sorts of levels, from local groups in towns and cities across every European nation, all the way up to the Council of Europe, and the United Nations itself.

So  - yes, joining BPW UK is undoubtedly a sound career move.

But doing so also gives you a real opportunity to improve the lives of women - locally, nationally, and internationally - and to play a real part in helping to make the world a better place.

Because your career should be so much more than just your job.

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